About Us

We are Black, brown, and Indigenous students & community members, as well as other students & community members of color and supporters united for justice. We are an explicitly abolitionist organization that seeks to address the violence of the carceral system right here in the Central Coast.

We recognize that policing, incarceration, surveillance, and all other aspects of carceral state control are inherently cruel, brutal, & racist, and can never be reformed. AACCS therefore fights for concrete reforms on the way to abolition that are non-reformist and that divest the Central Coast from the carceral system and invest in our communities & in measures like housing, healthcare, & education that actually keep people safe.

We further reject the trend of increasing neoliberalism & privatization and the defunding of public spending for the common good; we demand real, long-term structural change to ensure #BlackLivesMatter in the everyday and there are no struggles to meet our basic needs. We situate our efforts within the context of our governments’ lack of support for the people during this historic pandemic: rent has not been cancelled, and people are having to work & be exposed to the virus to survive, and we demand better.

We draw our inspiration from the Black radical tradition and feminist-of-color organizing & praxis (theory + practice). We run political education & mutual aid projects in the community, and we engage in direct action to win our concrete, abolitionist, liberatory demands from SLO City Council, SLO County Board of Supervisors, and DA Dan Dow.

We will not stop until the people in power have granted the people our demands. The demands, along with ways to take action with us to make them happen, can be found on our website. If you support the movement for Black lives & our peoples’ collective liberation, we hope you, too, will join us.