AACCS - Kick-Off Post

AACCS: Abolitionist Action Central Coast / San Luis Obispo *a project of Cal Poly BSU, Cal Poly SQE, and Black / Indigenous / students & community members of color*

We recognize that the police - the direct continuation of the slave patrols, frontier mob, and capitalists’ enforcers - can never be reformed, and that reformist measures like body camera requirements & de-escalation trainings that preserve the place of policing, jails, and imprisonment in our society are Harmful.

We therefore call upon SLO city, SLO county, and all the jurisdictions of the Central Coast to DIVEST from policing & the carceral system and INVEST in affirming, life-giving futures for Black people, Indigenous people, and All people of color.

We reject any calls for more neoliberalism, privatization, and relegating social spending for the public good to the realm of nonprofits.

In the time of COVID-19 and at the culmination of centuries of colonial oppression, our peoples demand better. We don’t need half-measures, we need comprehensive structures of community care and well-being at all levels of our lives.

We need rent/mortgage/utility relief. We need the recognition of housing as a human right & for our governments to take appropriate measures. We need non-carceral gender-based violence prevention education. We need our incarcerated family freed for public health.

We DO NOT need police. They don’t keep us safe. We do NOT need the continuation of an apparatus that serves to protect the status quo and keep the boot on our necks.

Budgets are moral documents. They show our priorities as a society. We Demand our elected officials provide for our peoples’ futures by prioritizing measures that actually keep us safe.

Central Coast jurisdictions must DEFUND police and invest that money in measures like those on the previous slide that provide for our people’s holistic well-being. We can no longer accept justice denied. The time is Now.

RESIDENTS OF THE CENTRAL COAST / SLO AREA: Can our peoples count on you???? Will you fight for freedom with us in the long, Proud abolitionist tradition that goes back to the very beginnings of resistance to chattel slavery? Will you commit to resisting the institution’s continuance in any form?

Will you commit to contacting Heidi Harmon and All our elected officials and telling them that our peoples will not accept harmful reformist half-measures?