10/13 Campaign Update Post


o Solidarity forever #DropALLTheCharges We will keep going until the fight is won.

oPage 2:

We unequivocally condemn these new charges, and in particular the intentional & unsubtle targeting of Black activists & organizers, in the strongest possible terms.

DA Dow and the ones in power are making a clear statement of their intentions: to crush the movement with the utmost force. They are telling us that they will come after us as strongly as they can, using whatever they can use against us, until we sit down, shut up, and stop challenging the way things are.


None of these people protesting for a better world deserve the repression that is coming their way. Nobody deserves to face the violence of the carceral state in any way, shape, or form. The violence of the office of district attorney and everything that comes with it is part of the whole system we’re fighting against.

We the people have a clear responsibility now: we must refuse to accept this. We must make it not an option for the ones in power to proceed with this status quo. We must make them drop the charges.

All solidarity with the ones affected by this new development. Our thoughts are with yall. We will not leave anyone behind. We will fight until the fight is won.

Page 3:

These charges are coming in October for an event that happened in July. They’re not subtle.

We hope these developments make it clear as well, that no matter how close you get to them, no matter how peaceful you are, and no matter how much they tell you they respect you, the people in power will still come at you with everything they have if you threaten the status quo.

o The ones in power here, the DA Dows and the Jeff Armstrongs and yes, the Heidi Harmons of the world too, must not be allowed to hide behind the falsehood that oppression does not exist in their backyards, or that they have no power to address it.. Their lives are built on it.

O These charges are part of a broader pattern of racism, classism, and other forms of oppression here. Let this be yet another reminder for us all: we need real structural and systemic change on the Central Coast. We’ve needed it for so long, from our campuses to our communities.

· Page 4:

o Some of yall have been following SQE and our campaigns here for a long time.

o Yall have seen how Cal Poly’s failed marginalized students for years, and consistently refused to do better.

o Through it all, our VPSA Keith Humphrey and the rest of Jeff Armstrong’s cabinet have refused to budge. Our student groups have been presenting them with concrete measures to take, including well-resourced Black/Latinx/Native resource centers and more Safer advocates, for years now.

o But they would rather let these issues of structural racism, sexism, classism, trans*-antagonism & queer-antagonism, etc keep festering under the surface.

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o The same is true for the Democratic Party leadership that’s held power in California these past few decades. They’ve continued to underfund institutions vital to our well-being like our schools, our universities, our housing programs, our healthcare infrastructure, and more, in favor of spending public dollars on policing, incarceration, surveillance, and state control.

o In the CSU system alone, as the CSU started to serve predominantly students of color, the state stopped funding it, and it went from being free to charging tuition, and then more fees, and then more fees….

o We deserve better. We’ve always deserved better. We deserve money for jobs & education, not for jails & deportations. Especially during a deadly pandemic that continues to disproportionately affect Black people, Indigenous people, other people of color, and other people marginalized in our society.

o We refuse to accept it any more. We deserve institutions that support & provide for our holistic well-being, at all levels of our lives, from our campuses to our communities.

· Page 6:

o We are part of a statewide student and community effort to reject neoliberalism & austerity, to divest California from the carceral system, and to achieve a California that invests in our holistic well-being, especially the well-being of the people who have historically suffered the most under this system.

o So we the people, particularly the people most affected by these atrocities, have demands for our officials, from DA Dow to Jeff Armstrong’s administration to our city & county governments to the CSU Board of Trustees to Governor Newsom & the legislature.

o We will not leave behind anybody in the struggle for justice. We will see these charges dropped. And we will win the concrete, structural change our peoples so desperately need.

· Page 7:

o The reason we believe we can win is that we are not alone. And we have observed more become possible through disruptive, antagonistic direct action this year than has been possible for a long time. Especially here.

o Marginalized students & community members at Cal Poly and in the Central Coast have all too often felt the weight of what is against us.

o But we must also remember the power that we have together.

o We’ve perceived it in the summer of protests here. That’s why the DA is scared.

And we’ve perceived it in the victories all around the country this year, from Oakland to San Francisco to Seattle to Austin.

o We can demand __ things of the people in power. And we can make them listen to us.

· Page 8:

o DA Dow will drop the charges against people protesting for a better world.

o The Central Coast will divest from what harms us & invest in our well-being.

o Cal Poly will stop ignoring its marginalized students’ needs.

o And California will come out the other side of this pandemic a society that provides for all its residents’ well-being, not just some of them.

o This we swear to you: we will make this happen together this year, if you will rise up and fight for it with us.

· Page 9:


If you believe this repression is unjust then contact your officials today! Don’t just let our solidarity stop at statements; take action to make justice a reality! Find our action toolkit with CONTACT INFORMATION & SCRIPTS at tinyurl.com/DemandJusticeCentralCoast (link in our bio); fill it out to see all the ways you can help make this happen!


o And look for details on our next big direct actions in the next few weeks very soon !

We can finally have the numbers and sustained pressure to win! Please, be part of something bigger than yourself and help us win a brighter future in the streets together!