Campaign Update 11/3

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o Abolitionist Campaign Update

o Where the movement to divest from cops & cages and invest in our communities in the Central Coast is at, and how you can help.

o CW election, white supremacist violence

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o We’ve discussed in depth how our theory of change, which comes from the Black radical tradition and other feminist-of-color organizing, is rooted in direct action.

o Nobody’s coming to save us. The people need to save ourselves.

o No matter who wins the presidency today, we need to take action beyond the ballot box. The settler militias will be targeting Black people, brown people, Native people, and other people of color (and even white queer & trans* people & others) as they always have in these occupied lands.

o We must be protecting each other in the days ahead. White folks, and other people closer to power: don’t allow this violence to happen in front of you. We need yall to disrupt it.

· Page 3:

o It was Democratic party politicians that expanded cops & cages in California, for decades.

o Democrats & Republicans have both been part of the same settler structure that, as the famous saying goes, funds jails & deportations instead of jobs & education.

o We reject the legitimacy of this settler system that was never meant to be democratic. But we are still living under it. So we will continue to push for concrete improvements in our peoples’ lives, and we will still be pushing for them when election day is over.

· Page 4:

o Our officials have seen our demands. They’ve had people call & email them about our demands since we dropped them.

o Some of our language has even crept into the progressive candidates’ messaging of late!

o But they all stop at, at best, lip service. They say they’re in solidarity with protesters, and with Black, brown, and Indigenous people who want to see a better Central Coast. But they’ve made no progress here on addressing any of the issues we’ve raised, and this lack of action has been true for both the the county and city governments.

· Page 5:

o Direct action gets the goods.

o If we want better, we the people must demand better.

o So that’s what we intend to do.

o ** **Will you accept this continued inaction from our officials? Or will you help us make them hear us?

· Page 6:

o We intend to take our direct actions beyond what has been seen in SLO so far. Marches & rallies as they’ve been going are not putting enough pressure on them.

Look for the news of our next form of direct action very soon. You’ll know it’s us.

This is a proclamation to the movement, and a promise to our officials: it will only grow more annoying & more disruptive from here. Our next form of nonviolent direct action is just a taste.

· Page 7:

We invite everyone to observe the events of this next week with care.

We are willing to meet our officials halfway. But they’ve shown no will for genuine movement on these issues.

The same pattern we observed with our demands for Cal Poly Admin is now repeating itself with our local governments.

Let the record show: we tried to do things the reasonable way.

Page 8:

The protests don’t have to continue.

If they grant the people what we need — if we finally know a SLO City, SLO County, and Cal Poly where everybody can thrive, and not just some people — then no one will be more excited for the protests to end than us!

It’s up to them. We will continue and get more annoying & disruptive if we have to. But our officials can make that stop, easily. All they have to do is show even an ounce of genuine, good-faith movement on these issues.

Page 9:

o If you haven’t engaged with our action toolkit at yet (google form embedded at link in bio), please do so as an easy way to show your support for what our peoples need.

o If you’re ready to fight for justice with us, DM us; we can always use more people who are ready to be abolitionists in our organization.

o If you are able to contribute to sustaining the movement and the labor of especially womxn of color and queer & trans* people of color, venmo us at @Cal-Poly-SQE. Anything helps.


Page 10:

Thank you for being willing to fight for justice with us.

Again, be on the lookout for news of our next form of direct action very soon.

And remember: the officials could stop this whenever they want.

They are making this continue, even into the new year if need be, by denying the people justice.