AACCS Statement for 7/21

Abolitionist Action Central Coast / SLO statement on events following the 7/21 protest:

We remain in FULL solidarity, as always, with the people protesting for Black lives, and we applaud the people taking to the streets to demand a brighter future for *all* people harmed by the violence of policing & incarceration.

FUCK the pigs who thought it was a good idea to arrest these young Black & brown folks.

We know the ways the violent / nonviolent dichotomy is weaponized against us. The pigs say they were protecting people by antagonizing our communities & arresting protesters. We reject this copaganda & spin doctoring.

We know that these conditions, the very existence of policing & incarceration, are THEMSELVES violence on our communities. that have gone unchecked for FAR too long.

Abolitionist Action Central Coast / SLO, Cal Poly SQE, and Cal Poly BSU remain in *full* solidarity with Tianna Arata, Elias Solorio, and all the people harmed by this violence. Their harm is our harm. Their fight is our fight.

Let this be a lesson that whenever we leverage real power & threaten the unjust status quo in a real way, the powerful will respond with brutal force. Even if they set themselves up as our friends.

And let this be yet another confirmation & affirmation,

for everybody observing these events both in San Luis Obispo, the whole Central Coast, and beyond,

That Every Single Pig Is Our Enemy.

The DA must drop ALL charges against protesters struggling for a brighter future.

And the city of San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo County, and all the jurisdictions of the Central Coast must DIVEST from policing & incarceration and INVEST in Black / brown / Native communities and all communities of color. The time is now. We will NOT accept the continuation in ANY form of the slave patrols & the carceral system that does so much harm to our communities. We will rise up together. And we will MAKE them hear us.

We will No Longer accept justice denied.